• Janesville Refinance Success Story: Jim and Susie

    31 Mar 2015

  • Jim and Susie, a Janesville Wisconsin couple, wanted to save money with a new Janesville WI refinance mortgage. Jim and Susie have two young children and have a very beautiful home in Janesville, WI.  They have several medical collections from a previous surgery and that was bringing their scores down.  At the time of the application, Jim and Susie had a very high interest rate and were behind a full year on their real estate taxes. Their goal was to get a low Janesville WI mortgage interest rate, save money, and to also escrow their taxes and insurance!

    With a little coaching, Jim and Susie were able to pay a few key medical collections to improve their credit scores. Jim and Susie paid off about $300 worth of collections.  They also received paid in full letters from four other creditors that were on their credit report but had not reflected them as paid on their credit report. We sent that information to the credit bureaus and within 30 days were able to get the scores necessary to close their Janesville WI refinance mortgage.

    We and our Janesville WI Refinance clients were able to get this loan done with just a little work.  We were able to lower Jim and Susie’s first mortgage into a very low rate on a 30 year mortgage.  Short-term we were able to save them $240 a month on their payments. We were also able to squeeze in enough reserves so when taxes and insurance were due they would be paid.

    In only five weeks, Janesville.Wi-Mortgage.com was able to provide our Janesville WI refinance clients a higher credit score and also some monthly and long-term savings as well as escrowing their taxes and insurance.

    The key was getting all the pertinent documents for their Janesville WI FHA refinance such as:  30 days of pay stubs, the last two years of income taxes, their current mortgage statement, their property tax bill, their home owner’s insurance declarations page, 3 months of bank statements, their retirement account quarterly statement, bankruptcy paperwork, child support documentation, and the closing paperwork from their current Janesville WI refinance mortgage.  We needed all the documents so we could answer any and all questions from the underwriter.  The file was large and thorough but it was necessary.  Our underwriter may have declined it if it were not complete.  That was the key to this Janesville WI refinance.

    If you are ready to purchase a Janesville, WI home or need a Janesville WI refinance please call me at 855-712-3113 or apply HERE!